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i’ve wanted this for so long ahh
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beast--mode--princess: i think that's the issue with having super fans play because they THINK they know how to play the game but each season is different, each group of people are different and they just need to go in blank slate! period! But think, after 63 days, they have nothing else to do but just start to get vicious and hate.

yeah thats true and even super fans didn’t have an advantage this year because of the BOB twist, and now that i think about it even if zach came back he prolly would’ve been sent right back out if he didn’t win HoH just like nicole is gonna be

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perfect clothes
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yum (:
beast--mode--princess: there have literally been only one physical HOH comp out of 63 days. i almost thought maybe it was because donny was older and they wanted it to be fair- but in Big Brother 10 they had Jerry who was 75 years old that survived a hell of a lot of endurance comps and made it to FREAKING FINAL 3! I'm stumped, it's beyond me.

i was wondering that too!! the final HOH is gonna be so hard for them. everyone in the house is just so idiotic esp frankie 

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can we get live feeds of the jury house or

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beast--mode--princess: Vent time? Let's do it!

WHY WAS THAT THE COMP?? idgi anyone could’ve gotten back in 

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ranceriot: I'm literally so upset like I can't stop shaking that comp was such bs

like WHY would they make that comp luck?? it’s always endurance or at least a little physically challenging…. JOCASTA almost won .___.

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does ANY of my followers watch big brother that can rant with me because i’m actually so pissed/upset rn that comp was shit

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welp big brother is a waste to watch now

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